Two Brand New Lines Open in Chongqing

Exactly one year after the opening of Line 5 and 10, today the first phase of both Loop Line and Line 4 have opened.

the new lines

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The Loop Line is easily the most important upgrade for Chongqing to date:
the 33km track brings convenient and quick transfers between Line 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10.

Once its second phase is complete, hopefully within 2019, it will also deliver a direct and important connection between the Chongqing North Railway Station and Chongqing West Railway Station, the latter of which is not reachable via the metro network yet.

Line 4 extends its reach to the districts of Yubei and Jiangbei, alleviating the urban traffic of the Eastern side of the city.

Its second phase, due in 2022, will stretch the line further east, adding 30 kilometers and 10 more stations.

Together with the one-station extension of line 5 opened a few days ago, Chongqing metro extends now to 307.5 kilometers, becoming the 5th city in China to break the 300 km mark.

Note that some of the stations above are opening soon, more precisely:

  • On the Loop Line: Tianxingqiao, Nanqiaosi, Min’an Avenue, Danzishi, Renji, Shanghao, and Luojiaba
  • On Line 4: Min’an Avenue, and Gangcheng

In 2019 you can expect multiple new extensions of current lines around the city, before an important 2020 that will see even more extensions and a new line: stay tuned for more updates! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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