Nanjing Intercity Line S9 Starts Operation

And joins lines S3 and 4 as the new lines opened this year

Every year right at the end of December we see an explosion of new metro lines opening in China: 2017 is the first year for Nanjing to participate in such tradition.

The New Line


The new line adds 52.32km and 5 more

 stations in the network, now stretching all the way to the Gaochun District.

Thanks to this opening, Nanjing can now claim to be the first city in Mainland China to have one metro line in every district.

The Intercity Line S1, which connects this new line to the rest of the network, will expand its operating timetable to 6:00 until 22:40.

Another Nanjing Intercity Line, S7, that will connect Line S1 to the southern part of the Lishui district, is expected to open in the first half of next year.

Nanjing Metro App

A new update will be soon available on both our Online Nanjing Metro Map and our Nanjing Metro App, available on the App Store.

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