Kimchi Media ❤️ Kuala Lumpur

It’s incredible how a small side-project, started out of passion earlier this year, has now spread to over 5 cities across Asia, getting hundreds of daily downloads, and helping thousands of people in their commutes every day.

But more than mere numbers, what flatters me the most is the extremely positive feedback that I receive from people living in these cities and really enjoying getting the most out of these Apps:
be them locals or expats, tourists or metro veterans.

Today I’m pleased to announce my biggest project so far:
please, welcome Kuala Lumpur Metro.


With its eight lines (a 9th one is just behind the corner), and three different operators (KTM, Rapid KL, and Express Rail Link), Kuala Lumpur Metro more than doubles any of the previous Kimchi Media Metro Cities by exceeding 480km of total length.

The whole network, named Klang Valley Integrated Transit System, bring together the widest variety of rail (and non-rail) transportation:

  • Line 1 and 2, which connect Kuala Lumpur to the city neighbors, are Commuter Rails;
  • Line 3, 4, 5, and the upcoming Line 9, which link the heart of Kuala Lumpur to its major suburbs, are Light Rapid Transits;
  • Line 6 and 7, which share the same tracks, are Airport Rail Links;
  • Line 8, which serves various locations in the city center, is a Monorail;
  • Lastly, the BRT Sunway Line, which is placed in the the high-density areas of Sunway and Subang Jaya, is a Bus Rapid Transit;

The free App uses the latest official fares and timetables from all the operators, it provides a route planner with estimated journey time, it shows the closest stations nearby you, and much, much more.

Download Kuala Lumpur Metro on the App Store, free.