Jakarta MRT Opens Its First Line!

After almost 6 years of work and plenty more of planning, the first phase of the first MRT line, the North–South Line, is officially open in Jakarta!

the new line
the new line

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The 15.7 km line consists of 13 stations (7 elevated, and 6 underground) and connects Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI.

The journey from terminal to terminal takes less than 30 minutes and the ticket fares go from 3.000 Rp up to 14.000 Rp.

picture by Adriansyah Yasin

picture by Adriansyah Yasin

The line will be expanded further north all the way to Kota with its Phase 2, aimed to open in 2024.

MRT has planned a second line, the East–West Line, that will connect Cikarang (in Bekasi) and Balaraja (in Tangerang) with the city center.
However this line is several years away as it is still in a planning phase.

the M2 plan

In the meanwhile we look forward to the first Jakarta LRT line, opening very soon! Stay tuned for more updates! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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