Eight New Stops Open in Bangkok

Great news for people living in Bangkok: 

  • after the opening of Ha Yaek Lat Phrao last August, from today the Sukhumvit line goes even further north with four new stops, all the way to Kasetsart University.
  • the MRT has opened four new stops as well, going from Tao Poon towards Tha Phra and stopping at Sirindhorn.

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Both extensions are free of charge for all travelers for the first few months: 

  • the MRT extension operates from 10 am to 4pm
  • while the BTS extension operates from 6am to midnight.

By half of next year both extensions should welcome even more new stops, with the MRT Blue Line closing the loop to Tha Phra, and the Sukhumvit line going even further north (there are 11 new stops under construction, all to be open by the end of 2020).

Bangkok Metro App, available on the App Store.

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