Chongqing End Of The Year Surprise: Dashiba Station

Chongqing is one of those cities that never stop growing. At the end of this year Chongqing had two very important deadlines:
the opening of Line 4 and probably the most important line to date, the Ring Line.

Not only Chongqing successfully delivered these important lines, but they even squeezed in the opening of Dashiba Station.

dashiba station

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The new terminal adds a 2.2 track to the now 17 kilometers line, but it’s not going to be the terminal for a long time:
in 2019 this line is expected to more than double with 15 new stations, crossing both the Ring Line and Line 1, in a further south extension.

In 2019 you can expect multiple new extensions of current lines around the city, before an important 2020 that will see even more extensions and a new line: stay tuned for more updates! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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