Bangkok MRT Blue & Purple Line Are Finally Connected

When the Bangkok MRT Purple opened last year, it was separated from the rest of the Bangkok Metro Network.

Passengers had to go the last station of the MRT Blue Line, Hua Lampong, then take a free bus to Tao Poon, first station of the Purple line.

This changes today, with the first extension of the MRT Blue Line:

This small change makes a massive difference and cuts down travel time by more than 10 minutes for thousands of passengers that use both lines everyday.

Even with this lastest addition, the works for both lines are far from complete:

  • The MRT Blue Line will see multiple extensions opening every year for the next 3–4 years

  • A new extension MRT Purple Line has just been approved, which will see the light of the day probably after the MRT Blue Line works have completed

I’ve updated both the Online Bangkok Metro Map and the Bangkok Metro App, available on the App Store.

There are big changes coming to all the Metro Apps! Please stay tuned for further announcements!